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Your Clothes

Welcome to WildRoot, we are so excited you want to sell with us! Before you bring the retired items from your wardrobe for us to purchase, we’d love it if you could look over these guidelines for selling with us.

Dana, WildRoot Owner

We currently buy gently used clothing made in the 1980’s - now. Please note that brands like Shein, Forever 21, etc. do no yield a high cash amount from us due to the rate we sell them at. We buy seasonally, meaning the current season’s styles as well as the upcoming season.

  • Intimates, Athletic Wear, or Swimwear

  • Items with extreme damage

  • Out of season items

  • Items that don't fit our shop aesthetic

What We Buy:

What We Don't Buy:

How to Sell to WildRoot

If you’re looking to sell us your clothes you’ll need to do the following:

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Step One:

Schedule an Appointment

  •  We DO NOT buy on the spot, we are by appointment only.

  • Please E-mail to set up your appointment. Please allow 7 days for response.

  • We occasionally close buying appointments during busy seasons or if we have too many purchases to go through. If this happens when you plan to schedule an appointment we will let you know when we are opening appointments again. 

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Step Two:
Step Three:

Prep Your Dropoff

Decide How You're Selling

  • Please make sure your clothing is freshly laundered, and free of pet hair. We will ask you about this at your drop off and request a reschedule if your items aren't clean. 

  • Clothing must be in a tub, basket or bag. We do not accept loose clothing items or clothing on hangers. Our storage space is limited and these types of containers allow us to take more buys.

  • On your drop off form, you'll be given three options for how to sell. Donate Only, Sell Only, and Donate items that aren't purchased.

  • If you choose to donate, you won't have to stop back into the shop if you're comfortable being payed through venmo and don't need the boxes you placed your clothing in.

Wholesale Product Photos-63.jpg

Your Buying Appointment

  • Allow us approximately  45 minutes to go through your items. When you drop off we will ask that you stay nearby to pick up your items once we are done sorting them.

  • All items must be picked up SAME DAY or they are considered donated.


Get Your Payout

  • There are two ways to do this: venmo or cash.

  • If you’ve selected to donate the remainder of your items through our drop off form, no need to come back to the shop. We will send your payout through venmo.

  • If you’d like to take home the items we passed on, you’ll have to come back into the shop and get your payout in cash.

Book Your Appointment Now

We're so excited to see what you have for us!

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